2017 Bob Makes – Call for Nominations

2017 Bob Mabes AwardsOur Lighting Industry allows us to uniquely impact the lives of others by transforming the built environment with light.  Bob Mabes left a special mark and brightened the futures of many.  He was dedicated to our industry, lighting education, and of course to IES.  He proudly served at the local and national level of our organization.  We continue to honor Bob’s service by annually recognizing others in our local IES community for their selfless contributions to the Kansas City area lighting industry in the areas of service, education, industry advancement and/or application design.

DEADLINE EXTENDED to Friday, January 5 2018


Please e-mail your 2017 Bob Mabes nomination to Karen Reiboldt by Noon on January 5,2018.  Please include:

–          “BOB MABES” in the subject line

–          Nominee’s name, Company & Title

–          300 words or less describing his or her qualifications for the Honor.  Please carefully word your qualification description so it can be cut and pasted directly to the ballot.


We’ll email the ballot during the week of December 26th, and ask you to cast your ballot by Tuesday, January 9, 2018.  The recipient will be announced and honored at the Bob Mabes Happy Hour. Please watch for details regarding date and time of the Happy Hour.


Past Bob Mabes Award Recipients

2016  Gerry Batrez

2015  Ron Gabrielson

2014  George Smith

2013  Brad Marks

2012  Grady Cawthon

2011  Julie Pierce

2010  Katie Green

2009  Mike Kuhn

2008  Tom Gibbens

2007  Mark Hershman

2006  Jennifer Nekuda

2005  Kate Wimer

2004  Derek Porter

2003  Lindsay Robertson

2002  Tom Glavinich

2001  Dick Coopersmith

2000  Rich Mercer

1999  Gina PacumbabaWatson

1998  Fred Denney

1997  Kathi Vandel

1996  Don Holden

1995  Bruce Yarnell

1994  Tim Strobel

1993  Edward Smith

1992  Beverly Gadberry

1991  Ron Helms

1990  Linus Linnebur

1989  John Krall

1988  Bob Foley

1987  Bob Mabes