2017 Board Members needed!


Participation in the Kansas City IES Illumination Awards Banquet and our annual Golf Tournament continue to grow as we increase student opportunities and expand our Emerging Professional program.


In addition, we work hard to bring more valuable programing and services to all IES-KC Section members and generous Friends.


This magic can only happen with the expertise and time given by our section board members.  Please VOLUNTEER or NOMINATE any interested professional member for any position.  Below are descriptions of the elected positions, each a one-year term of service.  The Board of Officers and Committee Chairs meet once a month for nine months, typically resting during the summer.

Officer descriptions are as follows:


President – Provides overall direction for the section keeping in mind consistency with IES’ mission, strategic planning, and the best interests of the section.  Plans, executes, and chairs all section meetings and Executive Board meetings.  Responsible for quarterly section updates to the regional coordinator.  Responsible for maintaining section Bylaws.


Vice President – Serves primarily as the coordinator of event programming.  Will set up 4-5 educational events and 1-2 social events each program year, including the Bob Mabes Member Recognition Happy Hour.  Educational events are typically provided by speakers from manufacturers or other industry experts, at discretion of  the Vice President, and often with input assistance by other board members.  Helps to facilitate shared events with other professional organizations.  Relays information for membership dispersal to the website and public relations coordinator.


Treasurer – Responsible for maintaining the accounting records for the section’s checking, investment, and petty cash accounts.  Receives and disperses all accounts receivable and payable for the section.  Files all necessary IES, State, and Federal paperwork.  Reports financial status to the Board of Officers on a monthly and yearly basis.


Secretary – Responsible for recording minutes at monthly Board of Officers meetings.  Provides summary of minutes for review for the previous monthly meeting.  Often assists the VP with establishing and executing event programming.  Maintains records of precedence in matters not covered by Bylaws.


Board of Managers (4 positions) – Assist the Executive board of Officers by providing assistance with event programming and operations of the section as needed, share expertise, or to temporarily fill in for vacant committee chairs.


Please send your nomination to Tate Betz, IESKC President at tbetz@olssonassociates.com by Tuesday, May 16.



Thank you!